Sydney has always been a storyteller and singer from a young age. While growing up in Colorado Springs her stories began to take shape in form of song after fellow ski racers started to film Sydney singing on the chairlift as she waited to head back down the slopes at Loveland ski area.

This inspired her to share her talent on Youtube. After honing her craft as a singer/songwriter in Colorado, Sydney needed a change to challenge her as a songwriter,  singer, performer and a person.

At age 18 Sydney moved to Nashville, TN where her life has been dedicated to her craft. She has been passionately writing day in and day out with other artists and writers putting her clever lyricism and catchy melodies to good use. As an artist Sydney is not the typical Nashville singer/songwriter, she has a raw voice that is compared to ZZ Ward, Julia Michaels and Maren Morris. With her strong writing and vocal ability Sydney has a lot to offer not only the city of Nashville, but the world too.